Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan Print E-mail

The consistent practice of Tai Chi Chuan exercises gently the body, enhances one’s fitness and promotes balance, flexibility, speed and endurance. Tai Chi increases the flow of internal energy, harmonizes body, mind and spirit, eases stress and its after-effects, releases muscular tension, as well as emotional and mental stress, improves blood circulation, breathing and all bodily functions, strengthens the memory and generally improves all the aspects of human life.

The beneficial effects of Tai Chi are so many, that constitute the main reason that attracts the vast majority of practitioners. Its benefits are established more and more, both from its practitioners and from the scientific community. More and more Western doctors and hospitals recommend the practice of Tai Chi to their patients, while in China this is customary.

Finally, it must be mentioned that authentic Tai Chi greatly develops physical intelligence, thus making the practitioner able to perform a great number of demanding techniques. The practitioner gains the ability to respond properly in challenging situations and to remain calm and dispassionate. These abilities are the basis for competence in advanced self-defense techniques. However, this requires a lot of time and practice. This means that Tai Chi Chuan is not the martial art of choice for  people who wish to learn quickly efficient self-defense techniques. Beyond this, Tai Chi requires a lot of patience (though it also cultivates patience) and consistency. But the results are worth it!