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Exams and Level Certification is not a usual phenomenon in the world of Tai Chi Chuan. However, recently increasingly more teachers adopt Grading and Certification Systems based on standard level competence and exams. The Chinese and International Wu Shu Federations have adopted such systems, and Tai Chi Chuan as a sport is governed by these Federations, both in China and abroad. Of course, every teacher and every style have their own evaluation system, which can be very basic or well organized and evolved.

A well organized grading, examination and certification system constitutes an important motivation for the Western student. Also, it is a way (perhaps not the ultimate one, but in any case a considerable one) to confirm the competence, the quality and correctness of the students. Apart from that, this process not only encourages students and trainers to exchange ideas about the training process itself, but also opens the way for its improvement.   

Hellenic Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy of Athens and Hellenic Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy are accredited by International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation and Master Wu Kung Yu. Thus, the curriculum is well organized and teachers offer a very high quality of training. Students have the possibility to learn all aspects of the art and gain great benefits for their physical and emotional health, their physical fitness, and their meditative and self-defense abilities. And these abilities are confirmed with the corresponding certification of our grading system.