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In Instractors Training program, students learn to teach, refining even further his knowledge and understanding. Participation in the Program (which requires continuous education and skill enhancement) is open only to students who have completed Intermediate Level 2 and is subject to the approval of the Chief Trainer. Instractors Training program includes, apart from the practical lessons of Tai Chi Chuan, the following courses: Didactics, Anatomy of Movement, Physiology of the Human Body, First Aid Lessons, Chinese Massage and Self-Massage, Theory of Tai Chi Chuan, and Study, Analysis and Practice of the Tai Chi Chuan Classics.

There are 3 levels of Instractors:

Α) Beginners Instractor: He may teach the basic level of Traditional Form of 108 Movements and the basic Pushing Hands.

Β) Assistant Instractor: He may teach the advanced level of Traditional Form of 108 Movements, the  International Competitive Cyclical Form of 54 Movements, more advanced Pushing Hands exercises, simple Fighting applications and basic Chi Kung exercises.

C) Instractor: He may teach the whole syllabus.

Note: The diplomas of the instractors are given exclusively from the International Wu Tai Chi Chuan Federation and bear the signature of Grandmaster  Wu Kong Yu. Reception of this Certification requires examination from Master Wu, and conduct of the examination is subject to the proposal of the chief trainer of the Hellenic Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Association and the Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy of Athens.