What do I need to begin? Print E-mail

The only thing you need in order to begin your training in Wu Tai Chi Chuan, is willingness to learn and to practice. 

However, before embarking on this journey with us, you should know that the Hellenic Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Association, the Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy of Athens and our training centers are neither fitness clubs nor private business clubs, but non-profit athletic and cultural associations. Thus, we do not look upon our students as clients and we do not want our students to consider themselves our clients. 

We feel – and we are in actuality – students of the Wu Family. We are dedicated in Tai Chi Chuan, and we are constant seekers. Likewise, we would like the students of our Academy and training centers to feel the same way. Thus, we can all have the best possible results. We encourage you to visit us before beginning to train with us. Bear in mind that with us you will not have a relationship like the one between a business and its clients, but between classmates or fellow travelers. The fact that some of us may have trained for more years than others is unimportant. However, senior students are obliged to welcome and help newcomers, and newcomers are expected to respect advanced students and learn from them. 

In our Academy and training centers all members love, respect and support each other. We feel like a family. Of course, this does not mean that we oblige anyone to behave or act in a certain way that is unnatural for him. We never judge our students according to their views. However, we believe that a student should have a definite approach to Tai Chi Chuan, the Academy, our training centers and our trainers. 

In our Academy and training centers we usually wear loose black pants and a white T-shirt that bears the mark of the Wu Family, and soft athletic shoes (they are available as Tae Kwon Do shoes). This apparel is for the class – students are not wearing these clothes outside of the class. However, we are not strict on this and in our classes we accept students that wear any loose, fit for exercise clothes. 

In order to try our classes and to see for yourself if the atmosphere of our school can fulfill your demands, you are welcome to visit us and do 2-3 free classes, without any obligation to enroll.