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In Wu Tai Chi Chuan, Pushing Hands is a very important exercise. Students are encouraged to practice Pushing Hands consistently. Pushing Hands is the bridge that unifies the forms with fighting applications. Its practice is a challenge for the knowledge and the abilities the student has gained through his practice of the forms. Pushing Hands teaches the student very important elements that can be learned only through the contact with other partners. Finally, it elevates the quality of movement and the fighting abilities to a very high level. Essentially, Pushing Hands is a workshop of refinement and of the student’s abilities. All serious students should practice Pushing Hands diligently, even if they do not intend to cultivate martial abilities. However, for those who wish to gain martial competence through Tai Chi Chuan, the practice of Pushing Hands is a must. 

The basic Pushing Hands exercises of Wu Tai Chi Chuan (the list does not include its numerous variations) are the following:

  • Four Corners
  • Forward-Backward
  • Half Step
  • Chain Step
  • Leaning Forward-Backward
  • Nine Palaces
  • Single Offset
  • Double Offset
  • Elbow Roll
  • Big Circle
  • Da Lu
  • Free Style Pushing Hands