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The Hellenic Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, based in Athens, is one of fourteen Academies worldwide appointed and recognized by the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation and the Wu Family. Dionisis Tsetselis, principle instructor of the Academy, is a disciple of Sifu Wu Kwong Yu and representative of the Wu Family in Mediterranean and Balkan.

Our objectives are:
  • To promote the learning of  Wu style Tai Chi Chuan, as approved by the Wu family Tai Chi Chuan, the technical skills as well as the traditional culture
  • To teach the principles of Tai Chi Chuan as laid down in the Classics and as developed by the Wu Family.
  • To follow Grandmaster’s Wu Kwong Yu encourage, “It is our aim to train students to develop their own potential to reach high standards in the art of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan.”    
  • To endeavour to follow Grandmaster Wu Chien Chuan's teaching, 'Be amiable, be kind, be respectful, be modest, and be generous'.
  • To encourage and welcome  friendship and communication from other schools and styles
We encourage and welcome like-minded people and training groups, from all over Mediterranean and Balkan, to come and share with us the learning with dedication and sincerity.