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The Traditional Form of 108 Movements is the treasure chest of the style, as Master  Wu Kong Yu says, as within it lie all the principles, the techniques an the secrets of Tai Chi Chuan. In the beginning the student learns the “square” version of the Forms, with emphasis on the details and the components of each shape. Gradually, the movement becomes more smooth, cyclical and fluid. Through the “square” learning, the student learns to position his body properly and understands the exact purpose and mechanics of each movement. When the student learns well the square form, he begins to practice the form with fluidity and circular movements. Thus, the student learns that fluidity and smoothness are based on the strong bases he already built through the practice in the square form, and avoids imprecise movements and errors that are common when students learn right away the circular forms, with no previous practice in the square ones.

1.    Beginning of Tai Chi Chuan
2.    Raise Hands
3.    Play Guitar
4.    Grasp Bird's Tail
5.    Single Whip
6.    Slant Flying
7.    Raise Hands
8.    White Crane Spreads Wings
9.    Brush Knee, Push (Left & Right, 4 Times)
10.    Playing Guitar
11.    Step Forward and Push
12.    Push Forward
13.    Carry Tiger to the Mountain
14.    Cross Hands
15.    Slant Brush Knee and Push
16.    Turn Body, Brush Knee & Push
17.    Grasp Bird's Tail
18.    Single Whip
19.    Fist Under Elbow
20.    Step Back, Repulse Monkey (Left & Right, 3 Times)
21.    Slant Flying
22.    Raise Hands
23.    White Crane Spreads Wings
24.    Brush Knee and Push
25.    Needle at Sea Bottom
26.    Play Arms Like a Fan
27.    Turn Body and Strike Fist to Back
28.    Step Back and Punch
29.    Step Forward and Grasp Bird's Tail
30.    Single Whip
31.    Wave Hands Like a Cloud
32.    Single Whip
33.    Left High Pat on Horse
34.    Right Foot Kick (Separate)
35.    Right High Pat on Horse
36.    Left Foot Kick (Separate)
37.    Turn Body, Kick with Heel
38.    Brush Knee and Push (Right & Left)
39.    Step Forward and Punch Down
40.    Turn Body and Strike Fist to Back
41.    High Pat on Horse
42.    (Right) Separate Hands
43.    1st Raise Foot
44.    Step Back Seven Stars
45.    Step Back and Hit the Tiger
46.    2nd Raise Foot
47.    Hit Opponent's Ear with Fist
48.    Lean Back and Kick
49.    Turn Body and Kick with Heel
50.    High Pat on Horse
51.    Step Forward and Punch
52.    Push Forward
53.    Carry Tiger to the Mountain
54.    Cross Hands
55.    Slant Brush Knee and Push
56.    Turn Body, Brush Knee and Push
57.    Grasp Bird's Tail
58.    Single Whip
59.    Play Guitar
60.    Wild Horse Separate Mane (Right)
61.    Play Guitar
62.    Wild Horse Separate Mane (Left)
63.    Play Guitar
64.    Wild Horse Separate Mane (Right)
65.    Fair Lady Works at Shuttle (Twice)
66.    Play Guitar
67.    Wild Horse Separate Mane
68.    Fair Lady Works at Shuttle (Twice)
69.    Grasp Bird's Tail
70.    Single Whip
71.    Wave Hands Like a Cloud
72.    Single Whip
73.    Snake Creeps Down
74.    Golden Cock on Left Leg
75.    Golden Cock on Right Leg
76.    Step Back and Repulse Monkey (Left and Right Three Times)
77.    Cross Slant Flying
78.    Raise Hands
79.    White Crane Spreads Wings
80.    Brush Knee and Push
81.    Needle at Sea Bottom
82.    Play Arms Like a Fan
83.    Turn Body and Strike Fist to Back
84.    Step Forward and Punch
85.    Step Forward and Grasp Bird's Tail
86.    Single Whip
87.    Wave Hands Like a Cloud
88.    Single Whip
89.    High Pat on Horse
90.    Slap Face with Palm
91.    Turn Body and Single Lotus Kick
92.    Brush Knee and Push
93.    Step Forward and Punch to Opponent's Lower Abdomen
94.    Step Forward, Grasp Bird's Tail
95.    Single Whip
96.    Snake Creeps Down
97.    Step Forward Seven Stars
98.    Step Back Ride the Tiger
99.    Turn Body and Slap Face with Palm
100.    Turn Body and Double Lotus Kick
101.    Bend Bow Shoot Tiger
102.    High Pat on Horse
103.    Slap Face with Palm
104.    Turn Body and Strike Fist to Back
105.    Step Forward and High Pat on Horse
106.    Step Forward Grasp Bird's Tail
107.    Single Whip
108.    Conclusion of Tai Chi Chuan