Simplified form of 21 movements of the Wu Family Print E-mail

The Simplified Form, as its name implies, is a simple, short form. It is suitable for students who cannot perform the Traditional Form of 108 movements, either because of lack of time, or for people who just want to “get a taste” from Wu Tai Chi Chuan, without dedicating much time. In spite of this, the Simplified Form is based wholly on the principles of the style, and the serious student may be very benefited from it. By the term “simplified” it is not meant that the movements of the form are simplified so that they can be performed by anyone, but that the movements of the form are few and there are not many and complex repetitions.

1.    Beginning of Tai Chi Chuan
2.    Grasp Bird's Tail
3.    Single Whip
4.    Slant Flying
5.    Raise Hands
6.    White Crane Spreads Wings
7.    Brush Knee, Push
8.    Step Forward and Punch
9.    Push Forward
10.    Carry Tiger to the Mountain
11.    Cross Hands
12.    Slant Brush Knee and Push
13.    Turn Body, Brush Knee and Push
14.    Grasp Bird's Tail
15.    Single Whip
16.    Play Guitar
17.    Wild Horse Separate Mane
18.    Fair Lady Works at Shuttle
19.    Grasp Bird's Tail
20.    Single Whip
21.    Conclusion of Tai Chi Chuan