Wu Family’s Form of 15 moves for children Print E-mail

This form is especially created in order to teach the children the principles of movement of Tai Chi Chuan. Special care is taken so that the form attracts the children’s interest and does not tire them. Tai Chi Chuan is an ideal system of exercise for children, because it respects their soft body. Not only it exercises their body in a correct, balanced way, but it cultivates their sensitive personality. Tai Chi teaches children to love their body, to practice self-observation, to cooperate with nature and to abandon antagonism. The myth that holds that Tai Chi Chuan is suitable only for adults must be vitiated – it is absolutely incorrect. We have been teaching Tai Chi to children since many years, and we know that the only thing it takes them to love it totally, is to learn it in a way that is agreeable with their nature. And this training must be free from stereotypes, which are anyway wrong.

1.    Beginning of Tai Chi Chuan
2.    Grasp Bird's Tail
3.    Single Whip
4.    Snake Creeps Down
5.    Step Forward Seven Stars
6.    Step Back Ride the Tiger
7.    Turn Body and Slap Face with Palm
8.    Turn Body and Double Lotus Kick
9.    Bend Bow Shoot Tiger
10.    Slap Face with Palm
11.    Turn Body and Strike Fist to Back
12.    Step Forward and High Pat on Horse
13.    Step Forward Grasp Bird's Tail
14.    Single Whip
15.    Conclusion of Tai Chi Chuan