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This Level emphasizes the most popular aspect of Tai Chi Chuan that is of course the Form. The Traditional Form of the Wu Family consists of 108 movements. Initially, students learn the movements very slowly and distinctly. Then they connect the movement in series, until they learn the whole Traditional Form of 108 Movements. In this Level, students learn the Form through mechanical, square με μηχανικές, movements. The trainer analyzes each movement with great detail.  

Students begin to learn the basic techniques of Pushing Hands. Pushing Hands is the step that unites the Form not only with the fighting applications, but also with the special exercises for falls prevention and the somersaults, which are very useful when the student starts working on Fighting applications in the next Level.

In this critical stage, where the student learns the basic principles of Tai Chi Chuan, the trainer must be sure that the student progresses with the right speed and precision. This Level is complete when the student is able to perform the Traditional Form of 108 Movements in square movements, in a satisfactory quality.

Beginners Level contains 4 Grades. For details pertaining to the syllabus and the required time for the completion of each grade, please see the section Syllabus.