Wu Style Tai Chi Sword 108 Moves from the Wu Family Print E-mail

The Sword Form is also a traditional form of the Wu Family. Its distinctive feature is the very fine, elegant movements. It is a complex and rapid form. Traditionally, it is taught after the student has mastered the Broadsword Form, as it is considered more difficult and demanding.

The Tai Chi Chuan sword is straight and double-edged. It is very elegant, and is considered a female weapon, and the weapon of the Great Masters. It promotes the agility of the wrists especially and the whole body generally. It cultivates sensitivity of the arm joints. It is a very good exercise, as it connects the waist and the legs with the upper body in a coordinated manner. The sword is suitable for duels rather than for engagement with multiple opponents. It is best for perforations elegant and very destructive, that are done in key points. Being a double-edged weapon, it gives the practitioner the ability to change immediately the direction of the blow. This makes it a very important weapon for the non-weapon engagement too. 

As is the case with all weapons, the sword is an art by itself for the serious student who seeks competence. Apart from the corresponding forms that are highly detailed and demanding, the sword practice also includes exercises that cultivate sensitivity like Pushing Hands,as well as some very demanding fighting applications.

1.    Beginning of Tai Chi Sword
2.    Raise Hands
3.    Turn Body, Play Guitar
4.    Grasp Bird’s Tail
5.    Turn Body, Brush Knee and Push
6.    Embrace Sword
7.    Brush Knee and Push three Times
8.    Embrace Sword
9.    Split Sword
10.    Split Sword Seven Star
11.    Lying Tiger at Door
12.    Old Lady Raise Guitar
13.    Cow Gazing at Moon
14.    Step Forward, Cover Knee
15.    Retreat and Strike
16.    Golden Needle Pointing South
17.    Step Forward and Strike to Groin
18.    Lying Tiger at Door
19.    Old Lady Raise Guitar
20.    The Big Dipper Kicks the Dipper
21.    Finger Blocking Sword
22.    Raise Whip Lying Tiger
23.    Strike at Mountain to Capture Sword
24.    White Snake Spitting Letter
25.    Turn Body and Point
26.    Old Man Pei Chopping Snake
27.    Colorful Phoenix Relaxing Feather
28.    Sword at Door
29.    Old Lady Raise Guitar
30.    The Big Dipper Kicks the Dipper
31.    Finger Blocking Sword
32.    Woodcutter Asking About Wood
33.    Between Brow Point Red
34.    Monkey Relaxing Arms
35.    Single Whip Fusing Throat
36.    Strike Groin Three Sword
37.    Sword at Door
38.    Boat Man Moving the Oar
39.    Push Boat with the Stream
40.    Woodcutter Asking About Wood
41.    Fair Lady Throws Needle
42.    White Dragon Turns Body
43.    Woodcutter Asking About Wood
44.    Fair Lady Throws Needle
45.    Sea Bottom Capturing Fish
46.    The Big Dipper Raises Pen
47.    Planting Sword Style
48.    Double Strike Sword
49.    Sword at Door
50.    Against scales Sword
51.    Sword at Door
52.    The Big Dipper Kicks the Dipper
53.    Return Horse Whip
54.    Jump Step to Plant Sword
55.    Holding Horse Before Steep Cliff
56.    King of Heaven Uplifting Pagoda
57.    Return Horse Whip
58.    Lift Whip (Right)
59.    Sword at Door
60.    Lift Whip (left)
61.    Sword at Door
62.    Slant Flying Style
63.    Step Forward and Strike Groin Sword
64.    Sword at Door
65.    Yellow Dragon Shakes Its Tail
66.    Facing Wind Flick Dust
67.    Dispel clouds to See the Sun
68.    Fallen Leaf in the Blowing Wind
69.    The Big Dipper Raises Pen
70.    Cross Sweep a Thousand Soldiers ( R)
71.    Cross Sweep a Thousand Soldiers (Left)
72.    Striking Sword Style
73.    Strike to Groin Sword
74.    Sword at Chest
75.    White Ape Return to Cave
76.    Smart Cat Catches Mouse
77.    Dragon Fly Pointing water
78.    Bottom of Elbow Sword
79.    Dispel the Cloud to See the Sun
80.    Cloud Fairy Doing Three Dances
81.    Heavenly Lady Scattering Flower
82.    Sword at Door
83.    Subtle Hand Gathering Star
84.    Left Embracing Moon
85.    Right Embracing Moon
86.    Strike Knee at Knee
87.    Colorful Phoenix Relaxing Feather
88.    Phoenix Whirlpool
89.    Fallen Flower Waiting to be Swept
90.    Lady Fairy Using a Hoe
91.    Ugly Girl Testing Water
92.    Lying Fish
93.    Reverse Hand Chop Bamboo
94.    Little Cloud Fairy Parting Hands
95.    Cloud Around Mountain Mo
96.    Clearing Grass to Search for Snake
97.    Black Dragon Shaking Its Tail
98.    Golden Cock Nodding Its Head Thrice
99.    Turn Body to Capture Tiger
100.    Facing Wind Flick Dust
101.    Dispel Cloud to See the Sun
102.    Subtle Hand Gathering Star
103.    Sword at Door
104.    Chicken Running Through the Wood
105.    Lee Kwong Shooting Rock
106.    Hooking Double
107.    Brush Knee and Push
108.    Conclusion of Tai Chi Sword