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As the student progresses to Intermediate Level, the trainer starts to guide him on the corrections and the refinement of Form, which the student has already learned in the previous level. There is emphasis on the quality of movement. Now movement becomes smoother, continuous, cyclic and flowing. There are less corners and the student learns important details that pertain to weight shifting, the coccyx, the pelvis, the opening of the legs etc., that improve significantly the quality of the Form’s practice. Without these abilities, the student will hardly receive any benefits from the practice of the Forms.

In Intermediate Level, students learn more exercises and there is emphasis in Pushing Hands and Fighting applications. There is a whole new variety of exercises in this stage. Also, in Level students begin to learn the exercises for energy production (Fa Jing). Students practice on air, on targets and sacks, and learn the Forms of 24 Chi Kung (exercises that combine breath with motion, in order to produce energy).

Intermediate Level contains 3 Grades.  For details pertaining to the syllabus and the required time for the completion of each grade, please see the section Syllabus.