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In this Level there is emphasis in further corrections in the Traditional Form of 108 Movements. Now students learn to perform the Form with great precision (like the opening and closing of the joints, the back and the sternum; the energetic palm; and the alignment of the whole body. This level requires great precision and flow in movement. It also has all the demands of the previous levels. There is emphasis on the analysis of all the Form’s movements.

In this level students are taught the Fast Cyclical Form of 108 Movements, the program of Falls Prevention for the elderly and the Sitting Form (for the disabled who use a wheel chair).

Also, in this Level students learn more advanced and complex techniques of Pushing Hands, of free Pushing Hands. Now students begin their training in the use of weapons (preliminary exercises for the Broad sword, the Sword and the Spear). Also, they learn with far greater precision the Form’s fighting applications, the 4 Methods of Fighting applications and the 8 Stages of Energy Production. Students gain martial competence and are taught free sparring (within the school and with all safety measures) and learn to apply a great variety of techniques, like whole-body blows, locks, throws, backfalls, etc. Thus, students incorporate into free sparring all the techniques they have learned from their long practice Tai Chi Chuan.

In this Level students complete and refine the Form of 24 Chi Kung and learn more advanced Chi Kung exercises, like the Microcosmic and the Macrocosmic Orbit. Also, they are taught the foundations of Chi Kung.

Advanced Level has 3 Grades. For details pertaining to the syllabus and the required time for the completion of each grade, please see the section Syllabus.